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Superimposing means to put something on top of something else, or blend two things together, destroying some of the original information. Superpositioning describes the way in which waves can pass over each other having only a temporary effect.The waves interfere with each other, but do it in a way that creates something bigger than either of them alone, an example of constructive interference.These concepts, borrowed from physics, inform the interaction of the sculpture, mural and paintings in this exhibition.

The circle, in concept and form, has long held Lisa Beck's attention. I cannot remember her creating any painting, drawing, or installation since the mid ‘80s, that wasn’t circle conscious. Its mutable nature - solid, void, vessel, whole - has been widely explored in her patterned works and remains integral to her most recent abstracted landscapes. The relationship of the part to the whole and all of its metaphorical implications has been her ongoing investigation. “The single molecule, star, cell, or consciousness in relationship to the universe, single mind to group, random occurrence to pattern, etc. Can we be part of something greater and apart from it to know it at the same time?” Her recent list of koans reverberate through the work: “Nothing matters. Nothing is everything. Nothing is what it seems. It’s all or nothing. It’s always something. Something’s up. Something’s got to give. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing's enough.”

Lisa Beck, superpositioning, installation view Lisa Beck, Corner View, 2006 lbf0608   Lisa Beck, Downpour II, 2006 lbf0609     Lisa Beck, Clearing, 2006 lbf0604   Lisa Beck, Outside In, 2006 lbf0601   Lisa Beck, Outside In, 2006 (detail)   > next page  
spacer superpositioning, installation view
installation view
foreground: Downpour II, 2006
background: Longest Day, 2006; Corner View, 2006
space Corner View, 2006; acrylic paint on wall; site-specific installation space Downpour II, 2006;
acrylic balls, steel cable,hardware;
14”diam., height var.
space installation view
foreground: Downpour II, 2006
background: Clearing, 2006
space Clearing, 2006; acrylic on canvas; 40 x 60” space Outside In, 2006; oil paint on panelsl; 12 x 9” each; 12 x 64” overall space Outside In, 2006 (detail) space space space
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