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Exhibition 3 – 11 January 2009
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Anonymous, Daniel Feinberg, Sue Gurnee,
David Moreno

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DAVID MORENO: Untitled (Plate IX), 1993  
Exhibition 15 January- 15 February 2009
Alex Brown: Fodderland

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  Near North Side, 2008
Exhibition 19 February – 14 March 2009
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populate this form is an exhibition of most all the painters that are feature, synched to occur during the influx for the 2009 armory show in new york. generally one recent painting per person and, in terms of continuity, an installation challenge.
including: beck, blair, brosnan, hesidence, holst, komoski, magid, masullo, miller, moreno, podoll, rezac, shaver, smith, snead, torreano, valhovich.

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ANDREW MASULLO: 4964, 2007  
Exhibition 28 March - 25 April 2009
Kinke Kooi : Let Me Comfort You

the first of three exhibitions on the psycholoptical

kinke kooi makes drawings that glorify and pacify difference and difficulties, be it one’s place in the world, fat, sag, holes, beauty, body hair, decoration, social status, or just keeping it together. her use of rendered representation, repetition or maybe obsession coax the pleasures of the eye and form a meditation for both the maker and the viewer. and there is her persistent use of pink that runs the gamut of possibilities from superficially pretty to sweet to fleshy to medicinal which when coupled with her confrontational imagery generates both push and pull.

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Kinke Kooi image
  Be Careful She's a Nester, 2009
Exhibition 30 April – 30 May 2009
David Shaw exhibition image

David Shaw: inuverse

the second of three exhibitions on the psycholoptical

the whereabouts of science in nature is known as is the psychedelic within refined retinal perception. david shaw, who has long had interests in the philosophical and chemical nature of consciousness, exploits what he sees and what he knows to blur and extend the relationship of the bough to its metallic brother. his use of the colorized reflectivity of holographic film moves heady contemplation of his objects back into the real time of the body and its organs of perception. if trees dream as humans do, then a tree might dream itself to be as a david shaw sculpture is.

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Tab, 2008  
Exhibition 4 June - 28 June 2009
Lisa Beck : To Everything

the third of three exhibitions on the psycholoptical

for the twenty something years i have known lisa beck,
the migration of the circle or sphere from one realm of meaning into another has been at the heart of her investigation. thru her use of simple formal devices including repetition, size, and spatial relationships, she creates an exchange between the visible and the invisible that saturates this elemental shape or form with resonance and duration. though she is more intuitive than scientific, the air in her work establishes that reasoning is definitely inserted into her personal calculations. consider her an investigative reporter fascinated by observations of how the philosophy and science of the experience of existence is embedded in the magnified moments in our day to day. she is on the scene yet in the background, working from the mind’s eye.

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Lisa Beck image
  To Everything (arrayed), 2008      photo:Jason Mandella 
Exhibition 13 December 2009 – 23 January 2010
ALAN WIENER: Untitled, 2009 awf0903

skulture: builders, building, buildings, build, b but not a or c
(or v for that matter).

judy linn, nancy shaver, nathaniel robinson, jiyeon park, b. wurtz, bill jenkins, alan wiener, tamara zahaykevich, michael ottersen,
tyler vlahovich, richard bloes, bruce brosnan, richard rezac, dustin erickson, david shaw, jeanne dunning, mai braun, josh podoll,
josh criscione nusbaum, jerry phillips, lisa beck

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ALAN WIENER: Untitled, 2009  
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